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Who We Are

The Bitter Southerner covers the American South from a modern perspective. Our goal is to tell stories about places, organizations, and people that do not fit the national media's standard narratives and stereotypes about the South. The Bitter Southerner is committed to amplifying multiple voices that together create the historic and modern cultures of the South.

What We Publish

Currently, The Bitter Southerner publishes two written stories per week. Please use the appropriate form beneath the guidelines to submit.  We want to tell a full story of the South and will prioritize work by Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and LGBT people and creative storytellers that want to tell about their own communities and experiences.

Tuesday Features

Our Tuesday features typically range from 2,500 to 5,000 words. 

Notes on the process for Tuesday Features submissions 

In an effort to better manage our communication with writers, we accept Tuesday features submissions only during the first seven days of every month. This allows us to review all feature-story submissions and either accept or reject them within a month.

From the Southern Perspective

A short feature story, cultural perspective piece, interview, or opinion piece. These stories range from 1,000 to 3,000 words. Tell us what you want to write and why you are the one to write it.

Folklore Project

These are usually personal essays (non-fiction). We sometimes publish photographs, audio recordings, and videos of no more than five minutes. Please, only send one story at a time and not more than one submission per month. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Every story we publish should reflect its author's perspective or experience with the U.S. South — even if that perspective is from afar. 
  • In your subject line please communicate what is unique about your story. 
  • The volume of submissions exceeds our staff's capacity to respond to all of them. If you have not heard from us after 3 months, that means that we will not be using your pitch.   
  • We allow profanity, but please ensure it serves the story's effectiveness.
  • Few stories in The Bitter Southerner are "timely" in the way newspaper stories are. But sometimes, we publish pieces in response to current events. If you believe your story is time-sensitive — either as a response to a recent event or if it is linked to an upcoming event or milestone — please write "TIME SENSITIVE" in the subject line. 

This form is reserved for filmmakers who would like to publish their finished work in The Bitter Southerner's Moving Stories section.

This form is reserved for music publicists or artists requesting a debut in The Bitter Southerner's Moving Stories section.

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