For almost five years, The Bitter Southerner has covered the American South from a modern perspective, acknowledging all the cultures and groups that together create the culture of the South today.
The BS loves to get ideas for great stories from around the South. Before you step up to the mound, however, please make sure that you've read enough of our weekly pieces to have a strong sense of what we're all about. Every Tuesday feature we've ever done is right here.

Also, to give us a sense of your skills as a writer, please send along a sample or two of your previous work. You may upload up to three files, or just paste links into your pitch letter.

If we like your idea, we'll get in touch and set up some time for a chat. But because The Bitter Southerner receives a high frequency of editorial submissions, we will be in touch only if your pitch is successful.
The Bitter Southerner offers paying assignments to photographers around the South (and, sometimes, elsewhere around the nation). Sometimes, this involves accompanying a writer who has been assigned one of our Tuesday features. At other times, it involves shooting photographs to illustrate a finished draft from a writer.

If you're interested in shooting for us, just give us the following:
  • Where you are based — and how far you're willing to travel
  • A look at your portfolio: Just paste in a link
  • A summary of where your work has previously been published (and links to those publications, if possible)
You will not receive an acceptance or a rejection notice after submitting here. We will be in touch if we have an assignment that's right for you.

For this section, we accept personal essays — "family stories," if you will — of any length. Just write what's in your heart and send it to us. 

We also accept small collections of photographs and sound recordings. Just upload them and tell us a little about why they matter to you.

We regret that The Bitter Southerner does not yet have sufficient budget to pay contributors to our Folklore Project. But if your submission is accepted, it will be treated with respect and broadcast to a growing audience.
The Bitter Southerner welcomes narrative non-fiction, journalism, essays, fiction and photography projects. We have in the past accepted projects that had previously been produced for workshops, classes, etc. 

This is where you submit such already completed projects for possible publication in The Bitter Southerner.

It's a good idea to familiarize yourself our stories and style before you submit. All you have to do is browse through our ever-expanding table of contents.

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